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  • Product: Spearo Blades
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100% Carbon Fiber designed for the specific needs of spearfishers, with the expertise of Bluetec.

Under tightly controlled conditions of production, combined with high pressure and temperature de-escalating and escalating gradually, achieving the maximum utilization of the qualitative characteristics of materials.

The philosophy and the company's infrastructure allows special (custom) orders when the user knows and can describe exactly his/her needs.

The blades are innervated in a manner that helps the linear energy efficiency throughout the movement. The rubber profile fitting annotated aquaplaning annihilating with minimal effect on the nerve of the blade. They are the lightest production blades in the market and they are distinguished by the nerve, speed recovery, comfort in use and quality of construction. They have 3 years guarantee and also warranty for the use and performance of the product for the environment intended to operate. They also have a LIFE GUARANTEE for DELAMINATION (unique in the world). Offered in a special carrying case whith carrying belt.

Available in three degrees of hardness:

  • EX (Extra)
  • ADV (Advanced)
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