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Many things are born from an old idea covered with dust. The point is that sometimes we are thinking of it when we are seeing a small connection with.

Such idea was the cause to attempt to present all the products familiar with spearfishing, but was in the draw till now. The task was to put all the running ideas from my mind together with Mano's or Bill's ideas, every time they had one new thought.

These were the easy part. There was another, much more difficult: To present all these products with the best possible way. So, everyone without the opportunity to see and feel them in the physical store, firstly to be properly informed about the product and secondly to create a proper point of view about what they are looking at. Imagine that we had over 3500 shots taken for spearguns only!!!

It wasn't an easy partnership. Many ideas, business running in normal speed and a new website is under construction.

With real life terms everything was initiated properly. The design of the first page with the scrolling presentation, then the secondary sections with featured items, photos, videos...... the company is specialized in constructing things from composite materials: carbon fibers..... Mmm!! And after a couple of days the artistic composition of the main presentation was finished. This is the home page. Now it is time for the content!

I believe you noticed a previous reference about "presentation". We tried to have shots as close as we can, to give the feeling and the look of physical. We think that is necessary for the visitor to "grope" visually the product. At the same time we give answers to all questions that you might have. In other words the visitor can create a right point of view until take something in his hands.

It will be impropriate to continue with boring details, but there is something important that can be used instead of epilogue. Just a couple of things that gave us this result:

Many hours in the lab with Bill explaining the way of producing, quality standards, technical specifications... Above all the same passion and care for every single product presented in this website.

Many hours with Manos, looking at photographs, disagree and then ... agree about the good or better feeling of a photo, what is this that is giving the feeling of reality... hundreds of photos compared to real items side by side. Shoot again and again in an attempt to catch the feeling of real through a screen.

You see there is another factor beyond the personal satisfaction as a developer. I came from the same family of spearfishing, looking for adventure all year time, with demands and the continuous interest for what is happening in our world. Allow me the term ''passion'' for the sea.

We wish you a nice time browsing in our web page.

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